The ultimate solution for movie-goers. With ticket sense, we'll notify you the moment tickets for your favorite movies go on sale. Never miss out on the chance to see the latest blockbuster or indie hit again. Get first dibs on tickets before they sell out. Sign up now and never miss a movie again.

  • Login with Telegram

    • Select country and enter you telegram account phone number and click next.
    • You will get a message on telegram from Telegram Service Notification.
    • Read it and click confirm.
    • Now go back to the website, if there’s an accept page, accept it after reading the conditions.

    Now you have successfully logged in with telegram.

    To logout, go to Telegram Service Notification on telegram and click terminate session.

    To fully cancel this service click on Disconnect.

  • Using Ticket Sense

    • Select the booking website.
    • Enter the title of the film and select from the dropdown menu.
    • Enter the theater's location and select from the dropdown menu.
    • Enter the name of the theatre and select from the dropdown menu.
    • Choose a booking date
    • Click Enable Ticket Sense

    That’s it, you should see the movie poster appear below in the added notifications section, make sure that its the same movie you are looking for.

    When our system finds tickets going on sale we will notify you through our telegram bot.

    To delete the notification, simply tap on the poster and click the delete option.


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